7 ways to Decorate Your Closet For a Luxe Look

7 Ways to Decorate Your Closet For a Luxe Look

There are so many ways to go about transforming a dull, unorganized closet into the utmost luxury space in your home! It’s best to start off by creating a layout of your closet. Before creating a layout, you need to look at how much space and at the number of items you have. The best option would be to first declutter and clear out your closet. Down below provided are tips for turning your closet into your very own haven of luxury using glam decor and inputting upgrades.

Tip Number 1 

Organization is Key:

Upkeeping a clean and organized closet space is a major part of creating a luxury closet. Armoires and cubbies can be added to space for the organization of clothing, shoes, and any accessories in need of a designated spot. Lighted cabinets are also a nice touch. 

Tip Number 2

Glamorous Lighting: 

Every closet needs a bright and beautiful lighting fixture to accentuate it, to achieve a stunning appearance. Chandeliers are a great choice of lighting when it comes to luxury. This lighting fixture illuminates a warm atmosphere that easily creates a focal point in any closet space. 

Tip Number 3


Mirrors can be placed anywhere in a closet. A mirror can be mounted on the wall, placed onto a built-in closet dresser, or above a vanity table. It is great having one right where you need it when getting dressed for the day. Mirrors designed with a gold-painted border or with any kind of jewel will surely display great magnificence. Apart from that, white LED-lit mirrors showcase a luminous effect. This type of lighting produces a bright and clean atmosphere.  


Tip Number 4

Every closet needs a comfortable place to sit: 

Placing an Ottoman or designer Pouf can be used to sit and put shoes on comfortably or a spot to lounge around. Velvet Ottomans are a great option. 

Tip Number 5

Every shoe needs a home: 

Whether you have large or small closet space, there are different ways to display and arrange your shoes. For large closet space, a built-in shoe system of pull-out drawers can be installed or large built-in shelving. If you have a smaller closet with minimal storage space, small shelving can be installed onto the wall. 


Tip Number 6

Closet organizers for placement of accessories:

For placement of accessories, such as jewelry, scarves, hats, etc, an accessory drawer, built-in hampers, racks, or even hooks are the perfect organization for these items. An accessory drawer can be used to place loose jewelry and or hair accessories. Scarves and hats can be propped onto hooks or racks that are specifically designed. 


Tip Number 7

Rugs, rugs, and more rugs! 

A faux fur or hand-knotted rug will give the utmost luxury and expensive look! Darker colors tend to exhibit and represent luxury. Burgundy, dark blue, and dark royal purple are a few examples of luxurious colors.