5 Lessons Learned from 2020: Home Decor Trends for 2021

5 Lessons Learned from 2020: Home Decor Trends for 2021


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For 2021, it’s all about home. Home has become our safe haven more than ever. For now, many families are doing everything from home, work, school and recreation. Since that’s the new normal, it’s even more important to focus on making your storied home the best place it can be. Here are a few of the lessons learned through most of 2020 that can inform decor decisions going forward:

1. A Beautiful Living Environment Promotes Emotional Well-Being - When you’re confined to the same interior spaces for days and weeks on end, it’s easy to understand how your outlook on life is affected positively by rooms that you love and negatively by tired sad decor.

2. Comfort is Vital to Home Decor - When home is the base twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, it very quickly becomes obvious how important having a comfortable living environment is.

3. Organization is Key - With everyone at home all the time, being organized can save lots of stress and frustration. Having everything from built-in or free-standing cubbies to furniture that does double duty (for instance a large ottoman that’s also a place to stash pillows and throws when they're not in use.)

4. Each Family Member Needs Their Own Space to Work or Do Schoolwork - Whether it’s an entire room or just a secluded corner, everyone needs a dedicated space to focus. Sometimes it takes a lot of creative thinking to give each family member their own happy place to work or go to school virtually.

5. Kids Need Rooms for Sleeping & Playing in Which They Can Thrive - For kids (and grown-up kids, too) it’s important to remember that a room is not just a room, but should be a beautiful and functional space in which to thrive. Even in extraordinary times, children and adults can make good memories and live good lives. This year paying special attention to home decor and kids’ rooms can have a bigger than usual impact.

6. A Mini One-Room Makeover Can Be Inspiring - If budget allows, a mini redo of just one room can brighten someone’s world and get them through tough times. Just freshening up a space and adding colorful touches can mean a lot.

7. Kitchens, Breakfast Nooks and Dining Rooms Should be Gathering Places - Turning meals into special times for gathering the family together in warm, inviting spaces can give everyone the time to relax and reconnect with other family members. Yes, even when sharing the same home, everyone focuses on what they have to do that day, going their separate ways, so getting together to enjoy cooking and eating is a very good thing.

8. A Spot for Reading and Relaxation is a Necessity, not a Luxury - Creating your own place dedicated to stopping for a moment and taking a deep breath can be beneficial to your health and well-being.

9. Rooms Should Focus on Health & Wellbeing - And that brings up another lesson learned from 2020 and that is making each room in your storied home focused on the health and well-being of all family members. This may be something as simple as improving air-quality, bringing living plants inside or providing adequate light or just creating happy spaces that encourage a healthy outlook on life.

10Backyards and Other Private Outdoor Spaces Make for Safe Places - The back yard has more than ever become the safe place to get exercise and fresh air so it makes a lot of sense to create a patio, outdoor kitchen or even a summer house or enclosed structure for getting exercise safely even in inclement weather.

11.  Home Decor with a Global Persona - 2020 taught us that diversity works and everyone wins. So it is with creating an exceptional home environment. Bringing diverse, global influences into your storied home’s decor not only makes the rooms more beautiful, but interesting as well. It’s a big world, with many cultures that can contribute to awesome home decor and an understanding of other people that makes the world a better place.

Have fun with the home decor trends for 2021! Lots of good can come out of the sad and less than perfect year that’s coming to an end. Here’s to a safe and happier 2021!