Decor Ideas for A Home with Potential

Decor Ideas for A Home with Potential

Do you need help with inspiration for choosing an interior theme for your home? Are you lost with coming up with ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be giving my personal suggestions of different kinds of interior home decor themes that interest me, which is also helping you with your dilemma.


Provided are ideas to help manifest and get your brain working on some ideas. 

First, I would start out brainstorming about things that make you happy and what you love. What are the hobbies you have? Do you love the colors orange and pink? Is the beach your favorite place in the world? If so, then you already have some great decor ideas to implicate into your home. You should pick out decor that you’d love to see on a daily basis. Everything, from your living room to the bedrooms to your kitchen and even the bathroom(s). 


 I recommend keeping the same colors and similar styles within your home. Although this needs to be considered, multiple themes can still be used. In my opinion, I think it is quite difficult picking just one theme to go with. This is if you have more than one that you really like. I, for example, have a liking for different interior themes. Coastal and Oriental are a few that I am drawn to. All three uphold very different characteristics and styles from one another. 

Coastal Theme

A Coastal Interior Design theme is for any beach or ocean lover. 


Image By: Gui Morelli 

This style consists of a variety of colors including navy, red, light blue, and neutral colors (sandy, beige, white). The decor can be made up of anchors, starfish, pictures of beach waves and sand, seashells, and stripes, coral and so much more! A beachy-designed home will make you feel as though you’re basking in the warmth of the sun with the sand under your feet! Bringing about bright lighting into your home, with warm colors. 

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Photo Via  Caron's Beach House

Oriental Theme 


The Oriental theme is an Asian style that exhibits the cultures of Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and China. I believe this kind of interior home style is very elegant. It showcases harmony and balance within your home space. A Zen and tranquil atmosphere fills the home as it is connected with nature. Feng Shui is a very good example of this. Feng Shui is the enhancement of the flow of energy. This can be portrayed by placing specific furniture items and objects within your home. Art with water feng shui element shapes and colors, a laughing Buddha, items that make you happy and give you positive vibes, and of course a water feature. Another important thing to think about is where you place your furniture. Such as the placement of your sofa; you want to be sure that your sofa should be placed against a wall to promote safety. Never place a sofa in the center of the living room or up against windows. 

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Very common elements are bamboo, red tones, porcelain vases, indoor and outdoor water features, lanterns, low tables for tea sitting, sliding doors in the middle of the room, nature inspired elements, designs and wallpaper.


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I hope that with the ideas I provided and the beautiful pictures depicted for inspiration, you, the reader were able to come up with some ideas for your interior home project! I wish you luck and perseverance with stirring up some amazing ideas for your interior theme and decor for a home with potential!