The Storied Home: Bringing All the Pieces Together

The Storied Home: Bringing All the Pieces Together


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Infuse your interior spaces with a sense of place, of history with one storied piece or a story that encompasses each room or your entire home, In writing these stories, you’ll need a starting place. Following are some elements to consider as you begin creating your storied home. These things to be considered apply regardless of your interior design style, whether it’s modern, farmhouse or eclectic.

Everything in your home has a story, it’s up to you to discover what that story is:

Furniture, each piece with its own story


Will you choose a table with a story of the wood it’s created from or a chair that tells the story of the artisan who crafted it with a passion for wood or comes from a long line of master craftsmen?

Color story


Why did you choose your home’s color palette? Why do those particular hues speak to you? Did you select colors for each space that would coordinate throughout your home or does each room have its own color palette?




Who was the artist that created the piece and what is his/her story? What is the subject of the painting, drawing, photograph? What drew the artist to this subject whether it’s a portrait, still life or landscape. In other words what is the story behind the artwork?


Decorative accessories


Tabletop accessories, sculptures, metalworks, blown glass and porcelain pieces, all have stories to tell, of the artists who created them, of the materials they’re made of and where they came from and sometimes even the places they came from and the history behind those places.



We don’t often think of the story behind our lighting fixtures even if they’re brilliant chandeliers or amazing pendant lights. Even if they’re gorgeous, light are made for lighting and that’s how we often view them. But, many lights have a rich story to tell, of the materials they’re created from or the designers who were inspired to give them their wonderful personas.


Area rugs


Area rugs often have their own tales to tell. Who designed them? Who wove them? Were they woven of special wools? Did someone handcraft them of torn strips of fabric as in the rag rugs of the Appalachians or the deep south? To explore the stories of our treasured area rugs is to many times explore history itself.




Even bedding can have a story to tell. Stories about the source of the fibers of which they’re made. Stories about their creators, whether the quilters who pieced a bed covering by hand or the companies who pride themselves on the organic or eco friendly fibers and dyes from which their sheets, pillowcases or blankets are made and their environmentally sensitive manufacturing facilities and practices..


Toss pillows


Consider the humble toss pillows on sofas and beds throughout your home. Even they can tell stories of who designed them, why were their particular fabrics, colors and motifs chosen, who actually constructed them and how?


Tableware - China, glassware, silverware, serving pieces


We all know about the famous makers of china, the forgers of silver and the creators of crystal, but there are lesser known stories of the makers of kitchen pottery, earthenware and stoneware.


So, you see, a storied home can be created of many diverse stories that create a narrative for your entire home or  a single piece of furniture with an extraordinary story to tell.Your home’s story can be told in any way you choose. Your storied home is after all about your story, your family’s. It’s yours to tell. Enjoy the telling!