Ways to Decorate with Modern Mirrors

Ways to Decorate with Modern Mirrors

From foyer to family room, a modern home is made better by the thoughtful use of wall mirrors.

Modern mirrors are beautiful, but they can help make rooms seem larger because of their reflective quality and ability to amplify light and space.

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The foyer above shows a favorite way to display a wall mirror in a modern entryway. A wooden bench with decorative accessories anchors the large round wall mirror. This is ideal because many foyers today are on the smaller side and as we mentioned a mirror can make a space seem larger. 

While mirrors add beauty and can visually expand a space, don’t forget that mirrors have a practical function. You’ll want to place a mirror close to the door from which you usually head outside so you can check to see that you’re all put together before you leave the house.

Above is a living room with a gorgeous gallery wall of decorative mirrors. What an awesome collection displayed in a most appealing way. The quirky trio of urns is a perfect addition to the gallery wall. You’ll note how well the sofa in the same deep tone of green works against the wall behind it.


The living room below shows a slightly unassuming decorative mirror. It’s beautiful in this glamorous modern space. The metals shine in a neutral soft grey color palette.

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Image Source:Pinterest

Think outside of the box when considering where to hang a large mirror. The space pictured above is a beautiful example of that approach. The oval mirror would be beautiful  centered above the chest, but it’s stunning when lowered and moved off-center. Just remember to securely anchor the mirror to the wall if children are likely to be coming and going through  the room.


Above a modern fireplace, or any style fireplace, is a great place to hang a large mirror. Just match the mirror’s look to the style of your room and you’re all set. Another favorite place to hang a wall mirror is about the buffet or sideboard in the dining room. It’ll make the room seem more spacious and elevate the look of your decorative accessories and candlelight from your tabletop.


We hope you’ll consider adding at least one modern wall mirror to your home’s decor. It will change for the better any room to which it’s added. Of course, a gallery of mirrors of various shapes and sizes is an option that would surely make you smile. If you are so inclined, let us see how you choose to use wall mirrors in your modern home. And, as ever, we at TheStoriedHome.com are here to assist you with any questions. Talk to you soon via phone or email.